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Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Double girder cranes are typical with capacities greater than 15 tons, spans greater than 60’ or when max hook height is required. We have built cranes up to 180’ long with capacities as high as 250 tons. Our double girder cranes can be built up to class “E” service factor.

  • Top Running Double Girder Dual Drive Bridge Crane. Up to CMAA Class "F" Service
    • GIRDER
      • Structural shapes based on span and capacity.
      • Available in 4 wheel and 8-wheel bogie configurations depending on wheel load requirements
      • Rotating axles are standard
      • The end truck frame consists of a tubular steel.
      • Truck end plates serve as rail sweeps and shock absorbing bumpers.
      • Double flanged wheels with hardened treads are mounted on rotating axles made of forged steel
      • Drive wheels have tapered treads.
      • Ball or roller bearings are used based on wheel loading.
      • Maximum rail size is dependent upon wheel diameter and capacity.
      • A4 dual drives as a standard
      • Motor Thermal overload protection - reduces possible motor damage
      • Quick stop - reduces possibility of crane collision
      • UL recognized electric thermal overload
      • Dynamic braking resistors
      • Clearly marked wires at both ends
      • Optional creep logic
      • NEMA 4/12 enclosure
      • Open or enclosed Cab operation with optional AC and heater
      • Walkway for ease of maintenance
      • Radio control
      • Bridge alarm and rotating beacon
      • Other special features can be added to meet your appli-cation or individual requirements. Consult the factory for additional pricing requirements.
      • Line and load reactors
    • DRIVES
      • Totally enclosed Non-Ventilated(TENV) AC 60 min vector motor
      • Class H Insulation
      • Class "F" Thermostats (klixons) in all three phases
      • Motors are equipped with thermal switches imbedded in motor windings.
      • Double reduction helical reducers for quiet operation with adjustable torque magnetic disc brakes.
      • Bridge travel speeds are standard at 120 FPM variable speed.
      • Speeds available through optional pricing
      • Festoon cross conductors include C-track, cable carri-ers, and flat cable to supply power and controls to the hoist.
      • Galvanized heavy duty track available upon request
    • PAINT
      • Standard Crane Systems finish is a safety yellow, industrial enamel
      • Some customers require specific paint specifications, please contact our sales department for information
    • BRIDGE
      • Standard structual shape or fabricated box
      • Polyurethane bumpers are standard